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You won't be bored with our Cheese Board


Not everybody likes to finish their meal with something sweet and with the range of regional artisan cheeses now available a Cheese Board certainly rounds off an evening out.  Such cheeses are usually produced by hand using traditional methods and are aged and ripened to develop the flavour and texture of the cheese. 

Many of our customers choose to try a taster of each of our cheeses and select one or more accompaniments with maybe a glass of rich L.B.V. Port to accompany the experience.  We change our cheese menu regularly as we discover exciting new cheeses to bring to our customers but right now we’d like to tempt your tastebuds with 

Norfolk Dapple – a mature, hard, dry textured cheese that develops its distinctive dappled rind as it ripens.

Lancashire Blue – a mild smooth, creamy blue cheese

Reblochon - a soft, creamy cheese with a nutty flavour and orange rind made from the second, richer milk of the local cows.

Bath Blue – a creamy, smooth cheese with evenly-spaced blue veins and a characteristic clean aroma.

Irish Gubbeen – a fresh milky taste and pliable textured semi-soft cheese with a washed rind.

Tomme De Cherve – from the Loire Valley, this very white cheese has a pleasing saltiness also with a touch of fruitiness offering a very complex flavour.

Morbier – a soft and slightly elastic ivory coloured cheese with a rich, creamy flavour, a moist, yellow leathery rind and a horizontal black layer through its middle.

We offer a choice of accompaniments to our selected cheeses from a fresh apple frisee salad, quince membrillo or tomato chutney.